Pygmalion club in Dublin

Yo I’ll be playing the fourth (I think fourth) installment of the HIAF residency at Pygmalion on South William Street in Dublin this Saturday night. The first three have been really good, busy and lots of fun. If you’ve not been down yet come and check the place out. Despite not having a huge amount of time to post here I’m prob enjoying DJing more than I ever have of late, and not just cos of all the rivers of sex and drugs that inevitably come every DJ’s way after absolutely every gig.

The Pyg guys have also got Lee Curtiss from Wolf+Lamb lined up to play tonight. There will probably be some guests at HIAF nights too in the next few months, on a similar theme to the sort of people who do mixes for this site, so any Dubliners let me know who you think would be good.

I’m probably going to avoid big names in favour of people who have never played Dublin before, or people I’ve seen over here in London that I think would be good. Keep your eyes open for more news!

Some tracks I like on WhatPeoplePlay

Check out a roundup of tracks I like on the WhatPeoplePlay MP3 store. Some great stuff to hear this time around. Also I’m told WhatPeoplePlay is being revamped at the moment and the plans sound exciting. Possibly will involve me doing a little more content for them too, and more content in general. The store has really come a long way in the last year or two I think anyone who uses it will agree, so let’s hope it continues to grow.

HIAF Guest Mix 13-Goldwill (Liebe*Detail/Was Not Was)

Hey all, hope everyone’s good. Been sitting on this mix for ages and due to work and a several technical glitches along the weary way it’s only now that I pass it on to y’all’all’a’y’all.

(Download the mix)

Some of you will know Goldwill (Ralf Schmidt and Henry Behring) from their “One Bill” single on Word and Sound last year, and they’ve had a good run of remixes and tracks since then, on Liebe*Detail, Einmaleins and Lomidhigh Organic.

One advantage of the delay is I’ve had this mix on my Ipod for ages, and I can confidently say it’s a really strong piece of work, a mix that stands out. If there was an extra H in HIAF it would be for hamburgers, both the meaty snack or the people from Hamburg. Goldwill have just moved to Berlin from there and I know they’re working hard on tracks so keep your eyes peeled for more releases!

Feel free to comment on the mix below and in the meantime check out what the guys had to say when I caught up with them via the wonders of the electronic mailbox.

How did Goldwill come about?

HB: We met about two years ago at music distribution Word And Sound in Hamburg. I can clearly remember that we went out to see Omar S. playing at a Smallville party in Hamburg. On that evening Ralf thought it’d be cool to try something in his home studio, just for fun. So we did and it was fantastic.

Before Goldwill I had been DJing for about  10, 11 years, collecting and selling records for a living. Had my very first studio session just a half year before meeting Ralf – at the homestudio of my buddy Hausmann.C who also used to work in the distribution..

RS:  Well we met at work and became friends pretty quick.I did some stuff before as I was into making electronic music since basically my childhood days. Before Goldwill I put out some 12″s out with Till Von Sein and one with Marc Schneider.

RS: I am from the very northern part of Germany, a small town near Hamburg. Grew up there and lived in Hamburg for almost 5 years, but recently moved to Berlin.

HB: I’m from Schwerin, North-East Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. I have been living downtown for some years now. I spent more than 26 years in the countryside, splitting wood and cutting grass – lovely nature and fresh air!

What can you tell us about the mix, how and where it was recorded?

HB: It was recorded at my flat using my three turntables and the looper, without interruption. I took some supernew and all time stuff and started deep and slow – w/ the great “Birds” by John Daly together with an interview by a Detroit guy 😉 followed by a superslow 7″ by Sven Weisemann.

What sort of music do you guys feel you want to make?

RS: Any kind of music, as long as I can feel it. It has to make me feel happy and excited. I don’t like to restrict myself to a certain sound or formula. For Goldwill, we try to keep it as open as possible, as we both listen to so many different kinds of music.

HB: It think most of the stuff we do is based on house music in the broadest way. We don’t want to do a certain style to be expected. We need to feel the thing, having a good time first and trying to create something unique that we are down with.

Who are your favorite producers?

HB: Off the top of my head, just to name a few: C2, Substance & Vainqueur, Daniel Bell, Lee Perry, DJ Premier, Matthew Herbert, DILLA the one and only, Ennio Morricone, Q. Jones, Moritz V. Oswald, Pepe Bradock, Chez Damier, Soundstream, Omar S, T. Parrish and KDJ, Convextion, Henrik Schwarz, Madlib, RZA, Peter Ford, Sterac, M. Paradinas & Richard D. James, some jazz legends like Davis, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders; most of the notorious Detroit producers and other secret weapons like xxx!

RS: I could mention tons of producers…Brian Eno, Conny Plank, Rick Rubin, DJ Shadow, Quincy Jones; Stock,Aitken, Watermann; J Dilla, Neptunes, DJ Premier,…the list goes on. People who did something new, who created their own path. For house music producers, I tend to stick to the more raw/ edgy stuff. Like Pepe Bradock for example, Theo Parrish…everyone who doesn’t really play by the rules.

Do you have a time classic fav. record? One dance music and one not?

HB: I am sorry but I cannot name my ultimate dance favorite one. There are too many giving me goosebumps time and time again.

But in general, one very essential record is definitely the original soundtrack of Bladerunner by Vangelis, for several reasons. I own the bootleg vinyl version and I’ve been trying to get this gem since. I am probably not the only one! Another LP of this Greek composer was part of the small record collection my parents had, standing between Roger Whittaker and Modern Talking. I think that was the first electronic/ ambient/ synth-music I ever listened to. It was the GDR pressing of ‘Spiral’ from the end of the 70s.

And the very first record I bought myself was Public Enemy – Fear Of A Black Planet. I am just listening to it and it is beaming me back in time to the living room where I was sitting with headphones; absolutely blown away by that, never heard such a sound before. These rhythms! Of course I didn’t understand any of their lyrics. But ever since, I must confess, I’ve been in love with (real) hiphop – which later guided me to its influences: jazz, soul, and funk.

RS: Non-dance: Leonard Cohen – Songs of Leonard Cohen. My mother used to play this a lot when I was growing up. Was etched into my mind forever. Still one of the records I listen to more often than anything else.

Dance: Various: Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit. One of the first records I have ever bought. I heard it and it literally changed my life. I have never heard anything like this before and wanted to find out how this music was made, where it was from and what was the reason it existed.

What are Goldwill’s plans for the next few months?

RS: Nothing special – we’ll just try to get our live set together, make it work for two people somehow. That plus being around, getting more gigs, doing more records.

HB: Continouosly working on our own tracks and doing some remixes. And for the weekends – besides DJing we are preparing a live performance together as Goldwill. Personally, I’d wish that we can find enough time and possibilities to continue with Goldwill, and who knows, maybe to be able to do this full-time one day.

Download the mix.

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  1. john daly – feel music  // dj jus-ed – underground quality
  2. sven weisemann – essays
  3. omar s – oasis collaborating
  4. john daly – feel music
  5. argy – these days
  6. chaton – plak (dachshund version) // lowtec – out to lunch
  7. soulphiction – philpot
  8. kb project – elevate
  9. dionne with steinhoff & hammouda – smallville  // melchior prod. ltd – perlon
  10. norm talley – third ear  // philippe cam – traum v9
  11. ribn – styrax leaves  // rhythm & sound w/ cornell campbell – version – burial mix
  12. rhythm & sound w/ jennifer lara – burial mix  //  rhythm & sound w/ cornell campbell – burial mix
  13. jc freaks (anthea!! w/ werner niedermeier) – wandering (3rd journey)
  14. yakine – circus company // anton zap – underground quality
  15. move d feat dj late – workshop
  16. moodymann – kdj
  17. kris wadsworth – morris audio
  18. anton zap – quintessentials // stl – smallville
  19. argy – these days // stl – smallville
  20. luciano & guy gerber – cadenza
  21. point g – innervisions // robag wruhme (1st pt.) – vakant
  22. robag wruhme (2nd pt.) – vakant
  23. blagger (koze version) – perspectiv
  24. joris voorn – rejected
  25. abacus – room with a view
  26. baby ford – perlon
  27. taho (shed version) – delsin // nick sole – mojuba
  28. nick sole – mojuba  // daze maxim – story
  29. tbc..

There may be some more frequent and regular dance music writing from me coming soon, though possibly not here, when I know more I’ll let you all know.

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WhatPeoplePlay Roundup

Go here to read a selection of stuf I’m enjoying from the WhatPeoplePlay MP3 store. Hope you are all well. A guest mix is coming soon.

My disappearance

Yo all, work has kept me busy of late to the point that typing in the evening is a tricky task, so posts will be sporadic for a while. I do have a guest mix which I’ll put up this week so keep your eyes (and your itunes) open for that.

I’m probably going to find a good way to manage time and blog a bit more at some point but work comes first for now. Just know that I love each and every one of you and this break does not mean myself or your mother love you any less.

Now sit at the kitchen table and mournfully listen to the sound of screeching brakes as your Dad rides into the night, ideally with the below track soundtracking the whole domestic burlesque show.


HIAF@Pygmalion June 13

Yo I’ll be back at the Pygmalion on South William Street in Dublin tomorrow night, June 13, from 22.00 to close, playing with Aidano. Come down if you’re about, it’s free in and I will shake hands with you for a fiver.

WhatPeoplePlay Roundup

Check out a roundup of some tracks I enjoy from the WhatPeoplePlay MP3 store here.

Arto Mwambé@T-Bar Friday June 5th

So two of the shadowy figures behind the Arto Mwambé alias play T-Bar tomorrow. I’m on early on from 9-11 with High Horse resident Casper C in the middle. Quite a few people I’ve spoken to have not heard the Arto stuff so here’s a quick hit collage from one of my favourite producers over the last few years.


Arto Mwambé-Noh Ngamebo:

Telespazio-Telemetric (Arto Mwambé’s Guitar Down Mix):

Check their Myspace for newer remixes of Osborne, Friendly Fires, and Roland Appel. Be sure and say hello if you’re about tomorrow night! I ressemble my pictures.

Shooting fish in a baby

Let’s take some candy from this barrel, an article about the dance industry in the Guardian.

Now obviously it’s easy sailing to make fun of broadsheet articles about dance music. I’d go even further and say it’s absolutely plain pickings!

But one paragraph still stood out here, and in any case I’m not going to make too much fun. Just enough for tonight with some kept in the fridge until tomorrow. So have you read the above link? Then here goes. Near the end it says: – a digital music website set up by DJs and clubbers – has become a global hub for electronic music buyers.

I’m confused! I’ve never used, have you? Has anyone you know? Am I being harsh?

Now obviously all of you in the blogosphere adopt earlier than Angelina Jolie on a visit to an African township, making it easy to scoff, but still, I am fairly sure this site isn’t particularly successful. I’m going to get out of my chair now as if this was a room full of former alcoholics and drug users (a lot of my friends read this site) and boldly declare: “I have never used”

To me the piece suggests that the guy from Mixmag cited DJDownload as evidence that dance music is ONCE AGAIN not actually dying (seriously this poor fucking genre we like has had more false terminal illnesses than Wacko Jacko, only difference being you read about dance music’s latest alleged public fainting fit in the broadsheets!)

That’s what it looks like to me, a conspicuous plug, but we can’t necessarily accuse anyone of anything without hearing the tape. A quick spot of googling however seems to suggest all sorts of links between the popular drugs magazine and the considerably less popular download site.

It seems the Guardian’s been sold a ride, and indeed taken for a pup. (This begs the deep and searching question, who will guard the Guardian?!)

So moving along, I should have a WhatPeoplePlay roundup on the way tomorrow. You may not be familiar with but I’d casually describe it, off the top of my head, perhaps while leaning on a flat surface to underline how relaxed and informal I was being, as “a global hub for electronic music buyers”.

What if I was feeling even more casual? What if, perhaps, I was sitting in a kitchen on a Monday night, eating strawberries with the window open and a warm breeze blowing in? I might then conjure up an even more casual description than “global hub for electronic music buyers”.

I might somehow find a phrase that rolls off the tongue even more naturally than “global hub for electronic music buyers”. That is, if you can believe that a more naturally beautiful phrase exists!

In such an instance of great casualness I might, having taken off my shoes and socks, even call “an online record store” like DJdownload, “an online record store!” (It’s the “calling a spade a spade” of the 21st century, but thankfully not as useful as an excuse for fucking appalling behaviour.)

Anyway, it’s obvious from my lack of inspiration that I’m just not much of a wordsmith. I mean the last time I said the word hub I was probably changing a tyre!!! (Think about this sentence, there’s a very cryptic joke in it.)

I beg you though: please forgive me my lack of pzazz. Afterall, this blog, or “techno chat hut on a computer”, is all I’ve got!

Come on in, the blogosphere is warm

So first things first, get yourself over to London promoter Warm’s blog to check out a mix Mark E has done for them. On the hottest day of the year this is a good tip, slow and low, as you’d expect. It’s funny, listening to this and Anton Zap’s mix for Roof (or Daniel Stefanik’s latest remix on Kann, or loads of others) I feel like dance music is in its most summery phase in a long long time. Even markedly housier stuff than Mark E seems to sound Ibizan, and so much less pious.

I mean, sure, house has been dominating for ages now but there’s a more blissful feel to a lot of music around lately which I’m really getting a kick out of. Personally I’ve got sick of hearing bad dub techno lately. Despite an impenetrable armour of cred, this stuff often sounds to me like those vaguely electronic 90s bar house mixes with the temperature dropped ten degrees. Instead of a general wash of “oh this nice” you’ve got a general wash of “oh this is melancholy.”

You get to a point where imitations of Basic Channel become this endless fodder. Obviously it’s purely an instinctual opinion to say a particular well has run dry, but it’s also inevitable that others agree. I do think dub-techno is too much of a sacred cow, precisely because people are quicker to let bleak music off the hook than euphoric music, for whatever reason. Sometimes in techno it’s as if there’s something fraudulent or untrustworthy about positivity.

(An aside on 90s bar music: If you ever bought dance mixes or worked in a record store you’ll know the ones I mean, like “Lounge Grooves” or “Lounging” or “Hey Check It Out, I Am Sleazing On Your Partner In A Hotel Lounge To This Awful Shit Until The One Good Track That Cost Our Entire Budget For This Release Comes On, And Yeah It Is Jon Cutler’s ‘It’s Yours’! How did you know? Part IV.” The internet has certainly trimmed the fat since those days.)

As the sub-par dub stuff goes back to its secluded mudhut of endless respect I think house music and some of the disco/balearic stuff feel a lot closer together than they have been. There’s a renewed innocence to the stuff about at the moment, and though this might sound like the rantings of a dude who finished work at 2pm on a 24 degree day, I’m starting to feel summer 09 will have a real unifying brilliance to it in the clubs.

You know, maybe just a little more than every other summer! If you don’t believe me, have a listen to the fucking tune below for crying out loud. Christ…

PS: This is deliberately the shittest post title I have ever come up with. “The blogosphere-Come on in and make yourself at home. Feel free to take a dip in the discourse.”

Final edit: I blame the endless typos and fuckups in the first version of this post on leaving my flat for work at 5.30…