Lonrach 15/02/2007

Download it here. One of my favourite shows in a while.

  1. Carsten Jost-Love (Dial)
  2. Solée-Impressed (Yassin and Arne Dub)
  3. Daniela Stickroth-Chest in the Attic (Giresse and Erb Remix) (Meerestief)
  4. Marcus Hartmann-No Feeling
  5. Justin Maxwell-3am Cat Rodeo (Palette)
  6. Par Grindvik-Casio (Spectral/Ghostly)
  7. Maetrik-Sexus (Regular)
  8. Angelo Battilani-Empty (Liebe Detail)
  9. Justin Maxwell-Get Off The Bed (Palette)
  10. Oner Ozer-Red Cabaret (Overture) (Vakant)
  11. Audion-I Gave You Away (Spectral/Ghostly)
  12. Zander Vt-Dig Your Own Rave (Memo)
  13. Akiko Kiyama-Sirsana (District of Corruption)
  14. Redshape-The Playground (Deep Space Mix) (Present Recordings)
  15. Alex Maier-Made In Nebraska (Buzzin Fly)

Also I’ve just uploaded last week’s show which you can get here

  1. Pantha Du Prince-Asha (Dial)
  2. Seuil-Mafate (Minibar)
  3. Stefanik and Tasnadi-Doch (Cargo Edition)
  4. Move D-Anne Will (Argy Mix) (Liebe Detail)
  5. DJ T-Lucky Bastard (Get Physical)
  6. Autotune-Influenza (Fumakilla)
  7. Einzelkind-Pay 2 Play (Kindisch)
  8. DJ T-Lucky Bastard (Prosumer Mix) (Get Physical)
  9. Ben Klock-Czeslawa (Ostgut)
  10. Markus Miller-Baxi (Squonk)
  11. Marco Resmann-Gouache (Mobilee)
  12. Pantha Du Prince-White Out (Dial)
  13. Holy Ghost Inc-Mad Monks on Zinc (Martin Buttrich Mix) (Reborn)
  14. Einzelkind-Bonnieland (Kindisch)
  15. Marco Resmann-Tempera (Mobilee)
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Comments 4

  1. Richard Owen wrote:

    Everytime I listen to these mixes, I fall in love with a new track. Please keep it up!

    Posted 18 Feb 2007 at 8:00 pm
  2. Ronan wrote:

    just when I thought it wasn’t worth the effort, heh… thanks a lot Richard..which ones are you into lately?

    Posted 19 Feb 2007 at 2:51 am
  3. Sunny Bunny wrote:

    That Justin Maxwell track is incredible. I just found your website, it’s awesome!

    Posted 25 Feb 2007 at 2:59 am
  4. Richard Owen wrote:

    From the week prior I was digging:

    zeiger and bartsch-reizueberflutung
    towie-on the juice

    Have to plow through the rest.

    Posted 07 Mar 2007 at 10:30 pm

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