Radio Lonrach Podcast 9

Here’s last night’s show for direct download. Hope you all enjoy it. To subscribe to it as a podcast just copy and paste this link into your itunes.

  1. Luci-Glass Computer (Mark August Mix) (Perspectiv)
  2. Mathias Kaden-Fyal (Vakant)
  3. Johnny D-Manipulation (Oslo)
  4. Mikael Stavostrand-Q Fresa (Sushitech)
  5. Dash Dude-Tell Em In The City (Prosumer Mix) (Morris Audio Citysport)
  6. The Viewers-Blank Images (Audiomatique)
  7. Michal Ho-Takeaway (Rhadoo Mix) (Tuning Spork)
  8. Paul Ritch-Back To The Time (Fumakilla)
  9. Rhadoo-Going Like You (Arpiar)
  10.  Alejandro Vivanco-Madre Tierra (Cadenza)
  11. Paul Ritch-Vatican Bell (Fumakilla)
  12. John Thomas/Oliver Micheli-Bubbles (Static Drum)
  13. Gel Abril-Very Wrong (Patrick Zigon Mix) (Be As One)
  14. Michal Ho-Takeaway (Jona Mix) (Tuning Spork)
  15. Remute-Medea Glub (Areal)
  16. Mikael Stavostrand-Housedays (Koljah Mix) (Sushitech)
  17. Marco Furstenberg-Strackebrot (TFE)
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Comments 3

  1. Sotek wrote:

    “Mikael Stavostrand-Q Fresa (Sushitech)”

    Excellent tune. Man, this guy’s on fire right now. Btw.. check this one out, quality as well:

    Posted 31 Aug 2007 at 3:20 pm
  2. Robin wrote:

    You play exactly the music I wanna hear and play out myself in some time to come.

    I also enjoy your writing on the RA-website.

    Cheers from Amsterdam

    Posted 31 Aug 2007 at 8:16 pm
  3. Ronan wrote:

    Thanks a lot Robin, it’s good to know that people are on the same page, radio gets lonely!

    And cheers for the tip Sotek, have slept on Sushitech a bit but really enjoying some of their releases.

    Posted 31 Aug 2007 at 8:18 pm

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