Arto Mwambé@T-Bar Friday June 5th

So two of the shadowy figures behind the Arto Mwambé alias play T-Bar tomorrow. I’m on early on from 9-11 with High Horse resident Casper C in the middle. Quite a few people I’ve spoken to have not heard the Arto stuff so here’s a quick hit collage from one of my favourite producers over the last few years.

Arto Mwambé-Noh Ngamebo:

Telespazio-Telemetric (Arto Mwambé’s Guitar Down Mix):

Check their Myspace for newer remixes of Osborne, Friendly Fires, and Roland Appel. Be sure and say hello if you’re about tomorrow night! I ressemble my pictures.


  1. Joe H wrote:

    I wish I was in London for this, I highly rate Arto Mwambé & love their remixes. Have a good one.

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