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HIAF End of Year Chart 2 and 1

 2. Radioslave-Bell Clap Dance (Rekids) This is another late entry but for many I think it is Radioslave finally breaking out of that long string of remixes he did in the last 2 years or so. Sure, there was nothing explicitly wrong with them, but this track is so much more urgent and peaktime to […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 10-3

10. Matt John-Soulkaramba (Bar 25) I get this and “La Creme Bonjour” mixed up in my head constantly. But obviously that’s a compliment. This is another track that really shows another way of house music seeping back into so called “minimal”, and like most of the top ten I played this more times than I […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 13-11

13. Rhadoo-Going Like You (Ar:pi:ar) People might soon talk about Romanian techno being hyped, but the reality is that it’s quite a small scene that is interesting purely because the music being made by a couple of producers has a sound that’s separate from almost all of the other things going on in dance music […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 17-14

17. Petre Inspirescu-La Creme Bonjour (Cadenza) It’s hard to pick a single track off this EP for this chart. Sure, the tracks may not be incendiary on the dancefloor but the sounds used have a real freshness about them, with that feeling that somebody is doing something new, a feeling that’s rarely as marked as […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 20-18

20. Innersphere aka Shinedoe-Phunk (Ricardo Villalobos Mix) (Intacto) The second Intacto track in this year’s poll is also very short by Ricardo Villalobos’s standards. It’s a great tool and sits under so many other tracks really well (not least Sydenham and Rune’s remix of “1985”), the perfect track for DJing. Those staccato keys that permeate […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 23-21

23. John Daly-Do It (Wave Music) It’s good to put an Irish person in this chart without a scrap of sentimentality or national pride. This is for me the best of several John Daly tracks I played all year. 22. Prof De La Croix-Build Her (Deeply Rooted) This one is a track I just couldn’t […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 26-24

26. Polder-Strange Ways (Intacto) I played this pretty much all summer, despite the fact that in Ireland it rained all summer and all my gigs are indoors anyway. Intacto and the Dutch always have their own take on house and techno and this is a good example of that. 25. Tiger Stripes-Hooked (Liebe*Detail) I can […]

HIAF End of Year Chart 29-27

29. Break SL-Flow (Philpot) What I said then. “Flow” is what chilled music should actually sound like, just as forceful as the hardest techno record, dub that gets right in your face. What I’m saying now: the reason this record has to be in any end of year list is because one Saturday night, at […]

HIAF End of Year Chart: 30

David K-Three Arches (Samim Mix) (Tsuba) : So if you’ve been reading this blog or various other places I’ve written for over the last few months, you may be sick of hearing me talk about this. Well, fasten your seatbelts cos I have to talk about it again now! It’s a lot closer to techno […]