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Just a quick note to first of all say thanks to everyone who has mailed and commented here in the last 2 months or so and offered advice about HIAF. I have been doing a little writing in the last few weeks again, with an email discussion of 2008 between me and two other writers […]

Back soon

I’m going to take a break from posting for a little while, as is necessary now and again. I’ve been bereft of inspiration lately, though not through a lack of good music. I suppose I’m just sick of the small pool of ideas we’re all circling over the last year or two. For example how […]

56 Strong for House Is A Feeling

If you enjoy a good Facebooking even “as much as the next person” then go here for the House Is A Feeling Blog Facebook group Let me know if this link doesn’t work, I’m assuming Facebook links are movable since its Constantinian conversion to open source. I’m in there somewhere so feel free to trawl […]

Mind the increasingly large gaps

Yeesh the time flies by, three weeks since a post is shameful. Thanks to the people who mailed me to ask if I was posting or who found the site for the first time, it makes me realise I should get off my lazy ass and post. I guess most of you are totally familiar […]

My excuses for the large gap in posts

Work: The biggest thing I’ve realised lately that being at clubs regularly is vital in ensuring you blog about dance music and keep things interesting, at least for me. When I’ve sat down to post lately I’ve found myself ready to spin off a long vaguely negative “state of things” post and then realised the […]

Bear With Me

I’m training in West London for a while so it’s hard to keep updating at the moment. I barely have proper net access until I get back to my new home in East London. So give me some time and hopefully I’ll have a guest mix soon if not as many posts as usual. Don’t […]


If you want to be linked then let me know here. I know I have promised to link to many of you and not delivered, what is it about updating the list of links that is so difficult to do?


Now I live in London. Apply the tippex to your fine smelling leather bound address books. I had a strange weekend, music-wise I DJed in the Pod on Saturday. Even though I’ll probably be back there to play every 5 or 6 weeks it still felt like the end of my dance music escapades and […]

Pull Up A Chair

So what are you all listening to lately? This isn’t a lame ploy for a big pile of comments, but since there are a certain few readers here I thought I’d ask, and learn something in the process, or maybe get some recommendations instead of ranting away with my own!  Feel free to include any […]

Vinyl Only Labels

So I have a list of these for something I’m working on at the moment, but it’s always good to have more. What labels are you familiar with that only do vinyl releases as opposed to digital?