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For the time being

A few writing things have converged this week so I’m a little busy, mainly doing some interviews with some artists for the next “Month to Month” column. However if you’re looking for some reading check out some reviews I did for RA in the last week or so. Here, here and here. There’ll be a […]

Video from Backlash last night

[youtube][/youtube] Quiet week this week here, I’ve been doing some real work in a new job yesterday hence the lack of a radio show, just had to have time to rest and eat after working till 8.  More posts next in the next few days and maybe a mix too. Above is a video of […]

The Pod, Dublin, Tomorrow (22/03/2007)

Just a note for Dublin people, I’m playing a longer set than usual at Backlash tomorrow because it’s my birthday gig (birthday’s actually on Sunday), so I’ll be on from around 12.30 to 2.45 or so, or whenever it closes. It’d be a great chance to come and check out Backlash in our new habitat, […]

Irish Times, an office full of people feverishly reading blogs…

Just kidding. But another article on Irish blogs, this time in the Ticket. A few thoughts come to me about this. The first is that it’s great (and right and proper) to see Richard’s Test blog included, the second is that I’m glad I didn’t have any material denigrating the Ticket on this page at […]

Backlash 3.0..

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s a little vid from what was a great night last night in the Pod, first time in our new venue and I think the magic of Backlash has returned! Of course we had some great nights in our second venue, Rogue, but not quite the same buzz as last night, or our first […]

No radio tonight…

There’s no radio show tonight, because of Seachtain Na Gaeilge (a festival where a minority of people decide to care about the Irish language for 7 days of the year, eg saying hello to a bus driver in Irish or wearing a stupid little badge) So anyone who listens can use this week to take […]

My My/Ivan Smagghe Last Weekend@Pod/Crawdaddy in Dublin

I thought the night was pretty good, though I didn’t catch much of My My in the main room. I enjoyed warming up for Smagghe despite the inevitable comedown that comes with handing over the reins just as things get going! Smagghe was very good, just as you’d expect he kept things quite brooding and […]

Basic Craze Inducing House Music

I can’t stop listening to Heckmann and Kaufeltt’s “Stylophonic”. Anyone who’s read this blog will know how much I loved last year’s “Kookaburra” single but this new one may be even better. Everything about Heckmann/Kaufeltt is old school, the label they release their stuff on is called “Acid Fuckers Unite”, the drums have that huge […]

On the radio tonight-New Get Physical, Wagon Repair, Lee Jones, Minilogue, Mobilee, Ewan Pearson, Mike Shannon, Ripperton and more…

21.00-22.30 gmt CLICK HERE Some really brilliant stuff tonight, I’m looking forward to the show. Ewan Pearson has done a really special remix of “Don’t Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up Long” with a vocalist I’ve not heard of named Cortney Tidwell, it’s 12 minutes of impeccably produced extended electronic disco, like the DFA […]

The Pod, Dublin. 3rd of February 2007, Ivan Smagghe and My My.

[youtube]yQBnd9ACl3g[/youtube] And Me Me (that’s me). I’ll be playing with Ivan (video of him above) in the Crawdaddy room. Won’t be many better line ups in Dublin this year (I don’t mean cos I’m playing, cos of My My and Smagghe! Minimal house, Backlash,  Dublin, Techno, Smagghe, My My, Romo, DJing Technorati Tags: Minimal house, […]