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Interesting and odd…

Thanks a lot to Stefano for sending me this link on the Global Underground forums. Scroll down to the end to see two dudes discussing a quote of mine from this blog entry a while back. Seriously weird! Also I have a little update on that blog entry, I showed the youtube video of the […]

Irish Times, an office full of people feverishly reading blogs…

Just kidding. But another article on Irish blogs, this time in the Ticket. A few thoughts come to me about this. The first is that it’s great (and right and proper) to see Richard’s Test blog included, the second is that I’m glad I didn’t have any material denigrating the Ticket on this page at […]

Blog Awards

Had a nice time at the Irish Blog Awards last night, was good to meet some of the faces from the blogs if a little scary at first not knowing too many. Though I didn’t win in the “Best Music Blog” category it was great to be nominated and a fun night. Full list of […]