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Playhouse Classics Part 1

I am almost certain Beatport has recently added a lot of older Playhouse releases which it didn’t have before. Either that or I am wrong, which seems highly unlikely as this has never actually happened (apart from once in 1991, I incorrectly guessed a “Countdown conundrum”, suggesting an elaborate Irish swear word which was not […]

Chart-May 2009

1. Oleg Poliakov-Rainy Dayz (Portable Mix) (Circus Company) On this release Portable takes one of Oleg Poliakov’s original tracks for the thriving Circus Company and makes the “Dayz” even rainier. The effect is instant, coming on like a 10am journey home in winter, a howl in the swirling vortex of that is house in 2009. […]

2008 Revisited Briefly

I want to do a small chart of some records from 2008 I didn’t see in the end of year polls,. So here it is. I’ve been quite stringent with my picks. Expect a January 2009 chart of 10 quite soon, as it’s been a good month. 2008: 1. Melon-Nitzi (On My Mind So Fine) […]

Chart August 2008

This is difficult since I haven’t done a chart in so long, so there are so many records to choose from. Still, here goes!  No particular order. 10. Prosumer-Believe (Vocal Mix) (Ostgut-Ton) I didn’t take to the Prosumer album in a really big way even though he has a few tracks (his collaboration with Sebo […]

A July Chart

There’s no interesting way to title a chart post is there? Even puns on “heart” are as exhausted as Welsh coalfields. So I’ve gone back to basics. 1. Mike Grant-The Struggle Of My People-Mr G There’s Hope Mix (Moods and Grooves) Mr G releases are always a bit different, and just a bit erratic too. […]

May Chart

So it’s been ages since I did a proper chart. There is a wealth of good music around and I’ve been steadily buying stuff even while I wasn’t blogging. This is a chart of mostly new stuff with a few old tracks thrown in. 1. Losoul-Raw Beauty (Playhouse) Losoul can almost always be relied upon […]