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Now I live in London. Apply the tippex to your fine smelling leather bound address books. I had a strange weekend, music-wise I DJed in the Pod on Saturday. Even though I’ll probably be back there to play every 5 or 6 weeks it still felt like the end of my dance music escapades and […]

Untrue on the 42

What is it about the night time that leaves us so exposed to music? I sometimes think that nothing else on earth can be as affecting as listening to a good record alone, at night, on a bus or driving in your car. Yet I’m never sure if it’s the records I listen to that […]


I forgot to mention: if you’re in Dublin come down to the Pod tomorrow night where I’ll be playing with Barry Redsetta at Pogo.

For the time being

A few writing things have converged this week so I’m a little busy, mainly doing some interviews with some artists for the next “Month to Month” column. However if you’re looking for some reading check out some reviews I did for RA in the last week or so. Here, here and here. There’ll be a […]

Lonrach 31/05/2007-Tonight at 21.00GMT-New Ame/Audion/Plasmik and more

Click here tonight at 21.00 GMT for this week’s edition of the show. If you’re new to the blog, Lonrach is a weekly radio show I present every Thursday from 21.00 to 22.30 GMT on Dublin’s Raidío Na Life 106.4FM , where I play the stuff I talk about here. All the shows in the […]

Lonrach 10/05/07-21.00-22.30GMT

Should be a fun radio show tonight. Click here at 21.00GMT to hear it live, or I’ll upload it tomorrow morning. What to expect: new music from the mighty Exercise One on Mobilee, new stuff on Kompakt K2 from Steadycam, a nice new Audion on Spectral, tracks from Efdemin’s new album on Dial, Someone Else […]

Lonrach 19/04/2007

Here it is. Tracklist: M Rahn-Another Day In Sadness (3rd Wave) Heinrichs and Hirtenfelner-Like A Headshot (Lordag Records) Dewalta-Eftive (Meander Music) Pele-Childhood’s End (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Mix) (Connaisseur) Pan-Pot-What’s What (Mobilee) Gideon-Underwater (Less Is More) Alex Smoke-It’s A Carni Life (Vakant) Lars Wickinger-Villa Incognito (Liebe Detail) Marc Antona-XTension (Freak N Chic) Lars Wickinger-Villa Incognito (Liebe Detail) […]

Last night’s mix…

Here it is This week is a little schizo. Firstly I realised nothing was recording after 5 minutes, so it starts a little suddenly. Secondly it’s almost deep house at the start and Hawtin style 130bpm minimal by the end, quite a long journey! But I hope people like it all the same. Tracklist: Break […]

Lonrach 12/05/2007-21.00-22.30 GMT

Go here at 21.00 GMT to hear the show In tonight’s thrilling episode: Philpot Records, Opossum Records, lots and lots of Tuning Spork, the new Get Physical by Anthony Collins, Luciano’s side of the Shut Up And Dance release that brought us Ame’s “Fiori” last week. John Daly who did that great recent Plak release […]

Electric Picnic Dance Lineup

I’m sure many of you have seen this, but here goes, just in case you haven’t, here’s the lineup for Bodytonic’s dance tent at Electric Picnic: Derrick May Hexstatic Josh Wink Derrick Carter Mr Scruff The Glimmers The Elecktrons LIVE DJ Marky Greenskeepers LIVE Dixon Ame Joakim & The Ectoplasmics Live Larry Heard Jamie Liddell […]