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Bear With Me

I’m training in West London for a while so it’s hard to keep updating at the moment. I barely have proper net access until I get back to my new home in East London. So give me some time and hopefully I’ll have a guest mix soon if not as many posts as usual. Don’t […]

“I am not there”

When I read this Ryan Elliott interview the first thing I thought of is how much of a Patrick Bateman vibe I get from the American minimal dudes. If someone remade or rewrote American Psycho, I think Patrick Bateman should like contemporary American minimal techno, not Phil Collins (though Easton Ellis wrote the book long […]


[youtube][/youtube] Anybody seen this yet? If you haven’t heard of “Electroma”, it’s Daft Punk’s new film, a short story about two robots and their quest to become human. You’d think Guy-Man, Thomas, and their many imitators would have bled the robot mythology dry by now, but the change in format and the fact that the […]

Feirn Enough

[youtube][/youtube] I watched Feiern last week, a documentary by Maja Classen about the German techno scene. It features a whole slew of famous DJs and producers, though it doesn’t heavily label who all of them are throughout the film. Suffice to say, My My, Villalobos, Luciano, Ewan Pearson, André Galluzi (I think), and many more, […]