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Lonrach 10/05/07-21.00-22.30GMT

Should be a fun radio show tonight. Click here at 21.00GMT to hear it live, or I’ll upload it tomorrow morning. What to expect: new music from the mighty Exercise One on Mobilee, new stuff on Kompakt K2 from Steadycam, a nice new Audion on Spectral, tracks from Efdemin’s new album on Dial, Someone Else […]

Lonrach 19/04/2007

Here it is. Tracklist: M Rahn-Another Day In Sadness (3rd Wave) Heinrichs and Hirtenfelner-Like A Headshot (Lordag Records) Dewalta-Eftive (Meander Music) Pele-Childhood’s End (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Mix) (Connaisseur) Pan-Pot-What’s What (Mobilee) Gideon-Underwater (Less Is More) Alex Smoke-It’s A Carni Life (Vakant) Lars Wickinger-Villa Incognito (Liebe Detail) Marc Antona-XTension (Freak N Chic) Lars Wickinger-Villa Incognito (Liebe Detail) […]

Lonrach 12/05/2007-21.00-22.30 GMT

Go here at 21.00 GMT to hear the show In tonight’s thrilling episode: Philpot Records, Opossum Records, lots and lots of Tuning Spork, the new Get Physical by Anthony Collins, Luciano’s side of the Shut Up And Dance release that brought us Ame’s “Fiori” last week. John Daly who did that great recent Plak release […]

Lonrach Tonight: New Ame/Daso/Dettmann/Border Community/M_Nus/Tuning Spork

Click here at 21.00GMT to check out tonight’s edition of my radio show, Lonrach, all the talking is in Irish but the music is mostly in techno. This week I’ve got a stunning 16 minute track from Ame, “Fiori”, that they’ve made to soundtrack a special collaboration between the Berlin club Berghain and the Berlin […]

Lonrach 15/03/2007

Get it here Tracklist: Sweet N Candy-Let’s Say No More About It (Raum Musik) Robert Drewek-Stilleben (No Home) Butane-Big Ocean Boat (Roman Photo) Douglas Greed-Ille Unde Soeren-(Freude Am Tamzen) Heartthrob-Baby Kate (Robotman Mix)-(M_Nus) Michal Ho-Stop/Start (Tuning Spork) Gummihz-Los Los (Mobilee) Matt Star-Anin (International Freakshow) Ripperton-A Skilift Upstairs The Sleeping City (Systematic) Michal Ho-Lampechantz (Tuning Spork) […]

Lonrach 15/03/2007-New Mobilee, Physical, Ripperton, Tuning Spork…and lots more.

As usual it’s 21.00 GMT to 22.30 and you click here to listen live. Or tune in to 106.4FM in Dublin. I’ve really got a crazy amount of stuff to play this week after having no show last week. There’s a new Gummihz on Mobilee, Isolée remixing the new Lopazz on Get Physical, Ripperton on […]

Radio tonight from 21.00-22.30 GMT

To listen live click here at 21.00 GMT On tonight’s show: remixes of Audion’s smash from last year, “Mouth to Mouth”, by Heartthrob and one of my favourites, Konrad Black. Also the Agnes release mentioned in the post below this one. New swooning Kompakt style techno from Popnoname on Italic, a new Sebastian Roya on […]

Lonrach 22/02/07-21.00-22.30 GMT

Check out tonight’s show here from 21.00 to 22.30 tonight, Thursday. See, this week I even remembered to tell you what time it’s on, unlike last week! Lots of new music as usual. This time around I have some pretty hot off the press stuff, including a new Wagon Repair from the Missing Link, a […]

Lonrach 15/02/2007

Download it here. One of my favourite shows in a while. Carsten Jost-Love (Dial) Solée-Impressed (Yassin and Arne Dub) Daniela Stickroth-Chest in the Attic (Giresse and Erb Remix) (Meerestief) Marcus Hartmann-No Feeling Justin Maxwell-3am Cat Rodeo (Palette) Par Grindvik-Casio (Spectral/Ghostly) Maetrik-Sexus (Regular) Angelo Battilani-Empty (Liebe Detail) Justin Maxwell-Get Off The Bed (Palette) Oner Ozer-Red Cabaret […]

Lonrach 01/02/2007

Here’s last night’s show, with new stuff from Jamie Jones, Aril Brikha, Samim and Michal, Shonky, Nhar and Falco Brocksieper. Enjoy it! Cagney and Lacey-Your Girl Pukes On The Dancefloor (TFE) Bartsch and Zeiger-Reizueberflutung (Sport Club) Manic Mind-Sckizophonic (Brique Rouge) Towie-On The Juice (Sport Club) Rework-Love Love Love (playhouse) Sinc-Morning Storm (The Flame) Manic Mind-Zoological […]