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Pygmalion club in Dublin

Yo I’ll be playing the fourth (I think fourth) installment of the HIAF residency at Pygmalion on South William Street in Dublin this Saturday night. The first three have been really good, busy and lots of fun. If you’ve not been down yet come and check the place out. Despite not having a huge amount […]

Arto Mwambé@T-Bar Friday June 5th

So two of the shadowy figures behind the Arto Mwambé alias play T-Bar tomorrow. I’m on early on from 9-11 with High Horse resident Casper C in the middle. Quite a few people I’ve spoken to have not heard the Arto stuff so here’s a quick hit collage from one of my favourite producers over […]

Some gigs

Yo I’ve just started a new job (in kids TV, lol) so things are a little busy this week but just a quick note about some gigs. On Friday 29th I’ll be playing at Jam Bar on Shoreditch High Street in the basement for the Phone night, which goes till about 3am. These parties are […]

Arto Mwambé at T-Bar-Friday June 5th

So I just heard yesterday that I’ll be playing before Arto Mwambé at High Horse in the new T-Bar on Friday June 5th. This should be loads of fun, it’s a real buzz to get to play at T so I’m looking forward to it, and to seeing the Arto guys play. Come down and […]


You know you’re DJing in Dublin when somebody beside the booth repeatedly shouts “you dirty cunt!” and it’s a compliment. Last night was the first monthly HIAF night at Pygmalion on South William Street in my home city, and it couldn’t have gone much better even if I say so myself. The place is being […]

Brief Weekend

Had a quick look in to Luke Solomon at T last night, though he may have finished by the time we got there. It was pretty quiet and the highlight was someone playing Paperclip People’s “Steam”. After that there was an attempt to go to Sosho where I guess Retox was on, interrupted by about […]

T-Bar:Michael Mayer (Kompakt) and Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)

There is nothing like starting the day with that shudder that says “where am I?” as you emerge from bizarre dreams about continuing the previous night’s party in a small French village you may or may not have visited as a child. Although the specifics may be different (obviously nobody really had the above dream, […]


Phoenix’s “Tabloid” compilation for Kitsuné is something I’ve been listening to a lot lately and really enjoying. It’s not got anything to do with dance music particularly but is a really strong selection of rock and pop which will let you discover some acts you might not have heard before if you’re interested in that. […]

The Weekend-Losoul/Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts/Fabric Etc

So I managed to get to Fabric at about 1 or 2am on Saturday, and saw some of DJ Koze, a little Sebo K, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts, and an hour or so of the Wighnomy Brothers, before stumbling madly into the morning. I found most of the acts pretty good without being outstanding, […]

Also this weekend

As far as London on Sunday is concerned I’m thinking the Escape from New York rooftop party at the Queen of Hoxton rooftop terrace (I’ve got it on good authority this place is good) with Holy Ghost from DFA Records and some others, possibly followed by Losoul who is playing in Bar Music Hall on […]