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HIAF Guest Mix 12-Roman Flügel

So it’s a pleasure for me to host a mix from Roman Flügel, and it came as a surprise when he got back to me late last year to say he’d record one. It came as a bigger surprise when, a few months later, when I assumed he’d been too busy, he mailed me to […]

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HIAF Guest Mix 11-Anonym (Sushitech/Bloop)

  So who is the man behind the mask? Well I don’t actually know. But if you’ve heard Anonym’s music on Bloop or Sushitech you may be wondering the same thing. If you haven’t then this live set, recorded at Tresor, should be the right introduction. This set is called the “Huis Is A Feeling” […]

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HIAF-Guest Mix 10-JC Freaks (Wanderer/Mojuba/Phonica)

So the first guest mix in some time is by JC Freaks, aka Werner Niedermeier and Anthea Nzekwu. The duo have released just one single, “The Rock”, on Mojuba’s new sub-label, Wandering. It’s been around quite a lot but if you haven’t heard it you could go and do so on their Myspace. They’ve kindly […]

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HIAF-Guest Mix 9-Hauke Freer (Real Soon/Morris Audio)

Here’s a short shock from Berlin, with a 30 minute mix by Hauke Freer. If you’ve been following this blog obsessively, every day, reading for hours until your eyes hurt and most of the rest of your life has crumbled around you, as I strongly recommend, then you’ll know I’m a big fan of Mr […]

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HIAF Guest Mix 8-Giles Smith (Secretsundaze/Two Armadillos)

Download the mix here When did you start DJing and how did you get into it? I actually started buying House and Techno when i was about 15 but didn’t start djing until about 20. I had no intention or desire to become a dj initially but built up quite a collection. Believe it or […]

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HIAF Guest Mix 7: Chaton (Plak:Switzerland)-The Lost Library

So straight out of Switzerland comes Chaton of Plak Records, with a 90 minute mix of old and new house music. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while as I got my net connection in London sorted, but I’ve also been listening to it on the way in and out of work. Chaton […]

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See My Guest

So sometime in the next few weeks I’ll host a guest mix from Scotland, and one from Switzerland, and after that I haven’t really decided. Except that I’m doing a slightly deeper mix too at the moment myself. Suggestions are always welcome. Meanwhile I have two long posts I want to write but it’ll be […]

HIAF Guest Mix 5: Federico Molinari and Vera (Oslo)

So this one won’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly, it’s Federico Molinari and his cohort Vera, from Oslo Records. Oslo is a label that excites me more than most right now, and I know others have been enjoying their stuff too. Federico and Vera recorded this mix for the […]

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HIAF Guest Mix 4-Eurokai (Liebe*Detail-Hamburg)

Eurokai, one half of the powers that be at Liebe*Detail, has been kind enough to give me the fourth House Is A Feeling guest mix. Liebe*Detail is one of the most consistently interesting labels around for me, so Kai was one of the first people I asked when I began doing these guest slots. After […]

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Mixes on the way

Coming up in the podcast are mixes from these people. Another Hamburger, this time half the management of one of the best labels around. Me (it’s a work in progress, and my first mix in a few months, so I’m really enjoying taking some time over it.) And finally a guy who helps to run […]