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Week of being weak

So I’ve been to Berlin and Dublin since last doing a proper post. Unfortunately my trip to Berlin was quite clubless. Due to illness I spent most of the time on my friend’s floor, shivering and having delerious dreams about something to do with the window. I wouldn’t recommend it. I did manage to go […]

Berlin is tiring

So as soon as I leave Dublin and start my new job I’m obviously not going to listen to a single techno record, put one foot in a club, or ever think about house or techno again. As a result it was necessary for me to go to Berlin last weekend. And since, as I’ve […]

Impulse Holiday

See some of you in Berlin this weekend! No blog posts until I get back next Wednesday. No more spending money until 2025. PS: If you can’t get through the weekend without my ramblings then keep your eyes peeled on RA for 3 single reviews in the next few days.

Plugged Back In

So I’ve been back from Berlin for about an hour. I’ve checked my emails and both blogs and everything is pretty much the same as it was when I left. Ireland has a dark grey haze over it and my ears are popping a little bit. My shoes are fucked up (I blame the extremely […]


So I’ll be away next week, in Bucharest from this Saturday the 10th to Tuesday and then in Berlin (for my first ever trip there) from Thursday the 15th to the following Monday. I’ll be DJing in Loggia in Bucharest on Saturday at some stage after 9, should be some fun, then checking out Villalobos […]