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“House Is A Feeling”

Michaelangelo Matos writes a nice account of the past and present of Chuck Roberts’ “My House” accapella, possibly the most well worn vocal in the history of house music. Obviously the lyric is where I got the title for this blog, except funnily enough I didn’t actually name this site. It was originally a group […]

HIAF Guest Mix 11-Anonym (Sushitech/Bloop)

  So who is the man behind the mask? Well I don’t actually know. But if you’ve heard Anonym’s music on Bloop or Sushitech you may be wondering the same thing. If you haven’t then this live set, recorded at Tresor, should be the right introduction. This set is called the “Huis Is A Feeling” […]

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Steffi RA Podcast

Confession time: 1. I shamefully never really download the Resident Advisor podcast unless it’s something that I’m sure I’ll like. I don’t know why, just overload of things to listen to as it is I guess. 2. I once pretended to be a 9/11 survivor “to get chicks”. Okay so only one of the above […]

Round One to Round Five 1993-1999 Main Street Records

So Jacob Burns put me onto this compilation of Basic Channel’s house offshoot from the 90s. He’s a “cat” who enjoys a good “jam”. (This is how we say a person likes a record in the current US house friendly climate) So for a young “cat” Jacob sure likes him some old “jams”, as you […]


I don’t know what it is, but certain sounds or instruments used in some records can really make you feel a certain way, or remember certain things. Of course that sounds quite vague, so I’ve picked out Vincenzo’s “Jack Ain’t Back” and Russ Gabriel’s Old School Remix of “L’Aurora” by Poppcke and Alex Niggemann. I’m […]

Uniqlo House

So since coming over here I’ve been in and out of Uniqlo a bit, which is basically a Japanese version of H&M. The reason I mention this is that the music there is really strange for a high street shop. It’s like the 00s never happened, like the hiphop and R&B and electrohouse and “new […]

Friday Chart

No particular order. 1. Break SL-Laguna Seca (Philpot) Some of you might remember I included Break SL’s “Flow” in my top 30 for 2007, and so it’s good he’s finally back with a new four track EP. This will be on limited green transparent vinyl, with just 500 copies. I especially love the title track […]

Temporarily Unemployed Chart

I’m really enjoying some of the releases and tracks that have come out in the last 2 weeks or so, which is good because I’m waiting to start my new job and I’ve 4 weeks of doing nothing to go! Some of these I like so much that I was going to give them individual […]

HIAF Guest Mix 5: Federico Molinari and Vera (Oslo)

So this one won’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly, it’s Federico Molinari and his cohort Vera, from Oslo Records. Oslo is a label that excites me more than most right now, and I know others have been enjoying their stuff too. Federico and Vera recorded this mix for the […]

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Fresh Quarion

The Quarion remix on this is really blowing my head off at the moment. Trancey deep house for this fucking freezing January weather. We need to invent the snowy beach party for this music.