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RA Related

I assume most of you read the Omar S interview over at Resident Advisor recently, and the chat that followed. I guess it’s surprising that “I don’t know who Ricardo Willalobos is” has become such a big flashpoint after the piece. I’m hoping I’m amongst many when I wonder why anyone would give a shit […]

RA Interviews Luciano

Over at Resident Advisor, check this nicely written and interesting piece about Luciano.

Space Cowboys

There are three interviews with some of the longest serving house and techno producers published this week. Larry Heard is interviewed at Resident Advisor. Carl Craig is interviewed by Romanian site Beat Factor. And Mike Huckaby (a lot less well known perhaps) is interviewed briefly in Eye Weekly. I read all three of these one […]

The Neverending Story

There are times when it’s great having a 9-5 again. Like when I read this blog post and the subsequent comments. I thought about replying there but then decided if I go to bed now I’ll be in work tomorrow and then when I get home I won’t care anymore. Still, the debate did make […]

Cursing is fun

Get yourself over to France’s finest blog/website, Get The Curse, to see Luciano charting and chatting, complete with streams of the tracks he mentions. When I read stuff like this it makes me think all techno interviews should be just a matter of letting the subject loose to talk about his favourite records. Better than […]


While I think of something else to write about this week, have a read of the full interview I did with Ralf Kollmann, who runs Mobilee, for last week’s RA column (which continues to provoke a lot of responses, around half of which make me wish, in my weaker moments, that writers still had the […]