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“House Is A Feeling”

Michaelangelo Matos writes a nice account of the past and present of Chuck Roberts’ “My House” accapella, possibly the most well worn vocal in the history of house music. Obviously the lyric is where I got the title for this blog, except funnily enough I didn’t actually name this site. It was originally a group […]

Okay, okay, okay.

If you haven’t checked it out already, then go and read this interview with Theo Parrish. It doesn’t really matter if you love his music or have never heard it, it’s one of those interviews that has enough ideas to bounce off. In these times of house and techno holy war (with a small d) […]

Cursing is fun

Get yourself over to France’s finest blog/website, Get The Curse, to see Luciano charting and chatting, complete with streams of the tracks he mentions. When I read stuff like this it makes me think all techno interviews should be just a matter of letting the subject loose to talk about his favourite records. Better than […]

Linking of you all

I’ve updated the Music Blogs links section, a task which was long overdue, to link to all those of you who’ve been kind enough to link here. So there’s some new places to see.