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Losoul-Care (Playhouse)

First, a disclaimer: I love Losoul’s music and have done for a long time. I first got into the dark gothic stuff he was doing around the time of “Getting Even” in 2004.  The extended version of “You Know” (streamed via Youtube below) which came out on a one sided vinyl at the time is […]

Guardian blog post: “The strange lingering death of minimal techno”

This may not be worth commenting on but on the other hand so many people read the Guardian that it probably is. Although I think Tony Naylor’s heart is in the right place, the timeline for his revelations is about as barmy as you’d expect from a broadsheet techno piece. The above article could have […]

Other People 2-Ed Davenport/Szenario (Liebe*Detail/Leftroom)

Ed Davenport – ‘Dr Salts Intro’ Ricardo Villalobos – Sieve – (Silverbird Casino) Miss Fitz – Menternal – (Raum) Cassy – Soul Saviour – (Perlon) Ed Davenport – ‘Untitled’ Michal Ho – Take Away ft.Jon Jon – (Tuning Spork) Efdemin – Lohn + Brot / Tobias Mix – (Liebe*Detail Spezial) Federico Molinari – Enerverende / […]

icon for podpress  Ed Davenport Live@Kill The Disco Leeds November 2007: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Tracks of my Year

People are saying “it’s that time of year” incessantly, so I suppose it must be that time of year. What time of year? That time of year when it is time for the year to come to an end, and people mark this in various ways, eg saying “it’s that time of year” everytime they […]

Return of the stopgap post

So posts have been a bit intermittent lately, I’ve been writing quite a bit and also keeping my other blog going as best I can.  So for now check out these two RA reviews, of a momentous release here and another worthwhile one here. Oh and I suddenly feel the need to point out that […]


If you’re one of the podcast subscribers or have listened to some of the recent radio shows or mixes around here (this one or this one in particular) you may have noticed I’ve been playing “Gualia” and “Manipulation” by an artist called Johnny D quite a bit. They’re both from a recent release on Federico […]

Lonrach 05/07/2007-21.00 to 22.30GMT

Click here to listen to tonight’s Radio Lonrach,  betweeen 21.00 and 22.30 GMT. Or if you’re in Dublin, tune in to 106.4FM on your radio.

Lonrach 28/07/2007-21.00-22.30 GMT-New Mountain People/Carl Craig/Cadenza/Marc Schnider/Fumakilla/Phage

Click here listen, from 21.00 to 22.30. So another week of Lonrach on Dublin’s Raidío Na Life 106.4FM. This week there’ll be new stuff on Cadenza, Mobilee, Fumakilla, Mountain People (this one is particularly amazing), Trenton, and Word and Sound, to name a few. Plus new tracks from producers like Marc Schnider, Argenis Brito, The […]

Something New

So here’s the first installment in a new monthly column I’ll be doing for Resident Advisor. I’m quite excited about the chance to write about house and techno at length in a place that still gives me plenty of freedom to pick the topic or the artists to speak to. As for this month’s edition, […]


If you have any interest in house music, do yourself a really big favour and download Efdemin’s amazing (and free) Resident Advisor podcast. For some, the fact that Efdemin is resident at the ever-hallowed German venue the Panorama Bar is enough said as regards his ability to select and mix house music. But even if […]