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HIAF Guest Mix 13-Goldwill (Liebe*Detail/Was Not Was)

Hey all, hope everyone’s good. Been sitting on this mix for ages and due to work and a several technical glitches along the weary way it’s only now that I pass it on to y’all’all’a’y’all. (Download the mix) Some of you will know Goldwill (Ralf Schmidt and Henry Behring) from their “One Bill” single on […]

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Come on in, the blogosphere is warm

So first things first, get yourself over to London promoter Warm’s blog to check out a mix Mark E has done for them. On the hottest day of the year this is a good tip, slow and low, as you’d expect. It’s funny, listening to this and Anton Zap’s mix for Roof (or Daniel Stefanik’s […]


Get over to Roof FM to check out what seems to be a short live mix by Anton Zap. I’ve listened to this twice today and it’s great, real propulsive house rhythms with some dub techno melodies, a good combination at a time when there’s so much formulaic dub techno about.

A Mixtape

I’m enjoying the Robert Johnson April mixtape. It is as its titled, a mixtape, not a mix, and features a pretty diverse range of guys and girls like Edith Piaf, Fad Gadget, Tiefschwarz, Delia Derbyshire, and the Bureau, with some Strictly Rhythm for good measure. It’s soundtracked me buying food on numerous occasions, no doubt […]


Phoenix’s “Tabloid” compilation for Kitsuné is something I’ve been listening to a lot lately and really enjoying. It’s not got anything to do with dance music particularly but is a really strong selection of rock and pop which will let you discover some acts you might not have heard before if you’re interested in that. […]

Chaton mix for Harry Klein

While I prepare a chart for you all (A real chart, just like the old days! Then after we’ll go for steaks. What do you mean we never went for steaks? I was busy. Stop making this about me for Christ’s sake!) go and get this Chaton set which was recorded for Munich club Harry […]

Prins Thomas-Live at Robert Johnson Volume 2

It’s an interesting time for the Prins. These days it seems the weird blend of folk, rock, disco, dub, and house he’s helped to infect the world’s dancefloors with is still growing in popularity. But it was a curiously slow rise to prominence from the Feedelity days, almost 6/7 years ago now. Back in 2003 […]

“Ten Foot Forest Mix”-October 2008

I’ve been sitting on this for a week or so but now for no particular reason here is my first mix since July or so. It’s named the ten foot forest, because that’s where it was recorded, and because the above forest is a defining part of life for all who know its thickset branches. […]

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Steffi RA Podcast

Confession time: 1. I shamefully never really download the Resident Advisor podcast unless it’s something that I’m sure I’ll like. I don’t know why, just overload of things to listen to as it is I guess. 2. I once pretended to be a 9/11 survivor “to get chicks”. Okay so only one of the above […]

HIAF-Guest Mix 9-Hauke Freer (Real Soon/Morris Audio)

Here’s a short shock from Berlin, with a 30 minute mix by Hauke Freer. If you’ve been following this blog obsessively, every day, reading for hours until your eyes hurt and most of the rest of your life has crumbled around you, as I strongly recommend, then you’ll know I’m a big fan of Mr […]

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