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Territorial Pissings

Anyone else noticed a sudden jump in Beatport’s territory restrictions? I spoke to a friend about this recently and he said he was getting stopped from buying things all the time as a result of these. But up until about 2 weeks ago it had only ever happened me once in 2 years of frequent […]

Words and Sounds

Some of you may know of the Hamburg based distributor Word and Sound, who carry a huge portion of the labels I discuss here or play on the radio show. And some of you may also have been familiar with their small digital store Playwas (now defunct, so I won’t link to it). Well, after […]

Cultural Amnesia

I found this recent article in the Guardian about the birth of rave in the UK really interesting. I guess now these names, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker, etc have become synonymous with so many bloated dance brands that you don’t really think of them as people who played a role in popular culture […]

Communication breakdown

So I’m back from my holiday, and on plugging back into the matrix I did find this post over at Test raised some interesting points. Anyone writing a blog nowadays is probably well used to getting sent a lot of email about new releases, and a huge portion of it is unsolicited. What I find […]

A Digital MP3 store chart attacked my child

It seems Beatport is a mortal enemy for a lot of people in techno these days, but while I agree it lacks any real character or the sense of knowledge that you associate with really great record stores, I’m not sure it seeks to hold those traits. Beatport is not a cultural hub like many […]

Word No Sound

Dear Consumer Watchdog, I am a young (ish) DJ living in Dublin, Ireland. I recently purchased 3 tracks from Argenis Brito’s fine LP on Cadenza at the shambolic but often gem heavy MP3 division of Word and Sound Sadly, when I went to play these tracks yesterday in my home , I noticed the volume […]

They don’t blame it on Marilyn (or the heroin)

Been meaning to write this post, relating to the Virginia Tech shootings, for a little while now. It’s not as off topic as it might seem. I guess it’s always natural to eventually look at the way people attempt to rationalise or explain tragedies like this, and in this case what strikes me most is […]

Winter Music Conference Miami…

Does anyone give a shit about this bloated jizz fest anymore? I can remember a time, I guess pre-internet, when you’d read the dance magazines hysterically eulogising about all of these tunes that had been “blowing up in Miami” etc. Most likely cos there was enough money in writing about techno back then to send […]

The Visible Tumor of the Dying Record Store

The above photo, from Freebird Records in Dublin, was posted up on the Bodytonic Forums yesterday. You have to laugh really. As someone who worked in a record store for 2 and a half years, this sort of casual dislike for ignorant customers isn’t alien to me, but I like to think I never actually […]