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Gonzalez breaks Guinness World Record for longest continuous piano concert

I watched quite a bit of Gonzalez doing this live last night and it was about the most vital thing I’ve ever seen on a Sunday night at 1am (challenged only by many life changing Tiffany Amber-Thiessen TV movies involving murderous wives/drifters) Gonzalez, whose sleazy weird concerts some of you may remember, performed for 27 […]

Top ten future markets for Richie Hawtin which aren’t funny

In the spirit of not actually talking about this with a straight face and general bemusement at Hawtin’s quest to make people who hate him hate him even more, I’ve compiled a list of future markets for Richie Hawtin which aren’t funny. What next, Richie aftershave? What next, Richie moisturiser? What next, Richie chocolate What […]

Territorial Pissings

Anyone else noticed a sudden jump in Beatport’s territory restrictions? I spoke to a friend about this recently and he said he was getting stopped from buying things all the time as a result of these. But up until about 2 weeks ago it had only ever happened me once in 2 years of frequent […]

Links and stories

Tuning Yorke Jay Haze, the man to whom grand gestures come as naturally as exhaling, is giving away his Love and Beyond album for free. Go here to check out Haze doing a Radiohead. I can’t think of any dance artists that have done this, though many prefer the traditional route of giving away albums […]

May the farce be with you

From Beatportal: After a 10-week hiatus celebrating 10 years of Minus, the collective has unveiled a new concept in community. Beginning with a date in Detroit during Movement 08, fans of Minus will have the chance to interact with the The Cube — a method of registering their live presence within the Minus environment — […]

Fabric of society

So it seems Fabric are wheeling out the big guns for their comps this year, with Ewan Pearson, Steve Bug, and Ricardo Villalobos mixes all on the way. It’s a pretty appetising lineup, even if Resident Advisor shows a weird mix up where the same cover is shown for both the Bug and Villalobos CDs. […]

Body Language Comps are like buses

Deep house Body Language comps that is. Except for the “wait for one to come along” part! A friend who had I:Cube over recently at Space Camp tells me Chateau Flight are to record the next Get Physical Body Language CD, due in the Autumn sometime. Make of that what you will. Are you excited, […]

“yes, the mega bomb”

There’s a lot of buzz from Tuning Spork about a new single by Jay Haze and Ricardo Villalobos, called “Free Your Mind”. This is their Ibiza smash I’m told. I just got it to do the press for it today (so discount my opinion if you think this makes me a schill.) In any case […]

Electric Picnic Dance Lineup

I’m sure many of you have seen this, but here goes, just in case you haven’t, here’s the lineup for Bodytonic’s dance tent at Electric Picnic: Derrick May Hexstatic Josh Wink Derrick Carter Mr Scruff The Glimmers The Elecktrons LIVE DJ Marky Greenskeepers LIVE Dixon Ame Joakim & The Ectoplasmics Live Larry Heard Jamie Liddell […]

No Mr Reynolds it’s not a dream….

Pitchfork reports that the Arctic Monkeys and Dizzee Rascal are to record a single together. Come back 90s dance acts! It seems the world still wants ridiculously incongruous collaborations. (speaking of which, when is the new Chemical Brothers record out, and will dude from Kasabian be on it? Or perhaps Brandon Flowers deserves a shot […]