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“B1 is the one for me”

You all probably know what “feedback” means in techno. In 1745 British traders travelling through what is now Berlin used the term when exchanging a harpsichord for several bags of salt, and it has been embraced by Europeans ever since. They have added their continental flair to the term: eg “give us your feedbacks” has […]

More Resident Advisor Reviews

Here are some more recent single reviews I’ve done for Resident Advisor. One of Crosstown Rebels latest release, another of Moon Harbour’s latest release, and finally a review of Ame’s “Balandine” in which my 5/5 score seems to have been a little too high for some. In my defence I should say first of all […]

Sexism? Not on the internet!?

Good old Jess Harvell reviews Justice for Pitchfork. Possibly the best thing about this review is someone on the ILM thread assuming Jess was a girl and acting accordingly (way down the bottom on June 12th). In the context of a review that says “the riffs on tracks like ‘Let There Be Light’ and ‘Stress’ […]