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Losoul-Care (Playhouse)

First, a disclaimer: I love Losoul’s music and have done for a long time. I first got into the dark gothic stuff he was doing around the time of “Getting Even” in 2004.  The extended version of “You Know” (streamed via Youtube below) which came out on a one sided vinyl at the time is […]

DJ Koze-Dr Fuck (Etc)

“Are you being sarcastic?”/”Dude, I don’t even know anymore.” It’s funny how this decade’s techno meta-tracks seem encapsulated by the above Simpsons scene. Marc Houle’s “Techno Vocals” was a good example, the low warbling vocal seemingly making fun of previous M_nus releases. Yet the record was released on that label and ended up being a […]


If you live away from where you grew up, you’ll probably have noticed how each time you go home it seems less like home. This is how Dublin feels for me. Everywhere is familiar, old places I worked, or bars or cafés, but you can’t escape the fact that you aren’t a part of the […]

The Weekend/Some Records

Anyone do anything worthwhile? I went to Innervisions at Fabric but I don’t remember much apart from “Orbitallife” circa 4.30am. It seemed a very good vibe in there but I’d “a lot of drink taken” so I left around 5.30am. Was anyone sentient enough to give a good account of the night? My evening ended […]


[youtube][/youtube]When you hear this do you think about what you’ll think in 5 years? Do you even think about what you’ll think in 5 minutes? I saw the excellent Dorian Paic tonight playing this tonight, and an entire club went crazy. It’s been a long time since I can remember a club jumping and screaming […]

Shed-Shedding The Past (Ostgut-Ton)

The older you get, the more there is to look back on, and the more there is to forget. And of course, the older you get, the more cynical you become. A friend’s older brother once quipped every “night out” makes a dance music fan more cynical, their field of vision narrower, until eventually they […]

Home Swede Home

So thanks to the Klubb Physique guys for a great weekend in Sweden and a fun gig on Saturday. It’s cool to go to another country to play records, a real buzz. Last year Romania, this year Sweden, as I continue to tour countries that were successful in the 1994 World Cup. If any Bulgarians […]

Blind Test

Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony-Blind (Original Mix) [youtube][/youtube] Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony-Blind (Hercules Club Mix) [youtube]–BTA[/youtube] Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony-Blind (Frankie Knuckles Mix) [youtube][/youtube] So there is lots and lots of chat about this. Let’s not use the word “hype”, since it means less and less each day. Which version, […]

Temporarily Unemployed Chart

I’m really enjoying some of the releases and tracks that have come out in the last 2 weeks or so, which is good because I’m waiting to start my new job and I’ve 4 weeks of doing nothing to go! Some of these I like so much that I was going to give them individual […]

The Meantime Mini Chart

Here’s some stuff from the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 I am feeling, it’s not quite a top ten just yet. I did buy some new tracks today also but I’ll let them sink in before they get a mention (or no mention at all) 1. Minimono-Minimono LP (Tuning Spork): I stopped […]