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Feirn Enough

[youtube][/youtube] I watched Feiern last week, a documentary by Maja Classen about the German techno scene. It features a whole slew of famous DJs and producers, though it doesn’t heavily label who all of them are throughout the film. Suffice to say, My My, Villalobos, Luciano, Ewan Pearson, André Galluzi (I think), and many more, […]

They don’t blame it on Marilyn (or the heroin)

Been meaning to write this post, relating to the Virginia Tech shootings, for a little while now. It’s not as off topic as it might seem. I guess it’s always natural to eventually look at the way people attempt to rationalise or explain tragedies like this, and in this case what strikes me most is […]

No Mr Reynolds it’s not a dream….

Pitchfork reports that the Arctic Monkeys and Dizzee Rascal are to record a single together. Come back 90s dance acts! It seems the world still wants ridiculously incongruous collaborations. (speaking of which, when is the new Chemical Brothers record out, and will dude from Kasabian be on it? Or perhaps Brandon Flowers deserves a shot […]

John Cooper Clarke

I read last week that John Cooper Clarke’s Zip Style Method has been re-released, which is interesting to me cos I’ve been listening to JCC a lot in the last few months. It’s not always easy to gauge just how well known an artist is when they’re in a genre you’re unfamiliar with, in this […]