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All this scratching is making me puke

Click here. Warning: if you had any respect for Cut Chemist to begin with this will kill that stone dead. (I didn’t) Seriously does anyone besides major corporations and ad agencies actually think scratching the fuck out of a record is cool or has anything to do with underground culture anymore? So okay, there are […]

“After listening to this hybrid of hip-hop and garage music, I wanted to kill someone.”

From the Sun. “After Bob Marley died in 1981, black music started becoming aggressive.” “On Sunday I overdosed on violent lyrics in black music. The state I was in, I was a menace to society.” [youtube][/youtube]

Pull Up A Chair Part Two

So as I prepare a chart myself, what are you listening to? Any good albums? Or what singles? I’ve been keeping track of releases as normal despite the break from the blog, so it’d be interesting to hear what you’ve been enjoying. Books or films are worth a mention too. (pictured above: the new M_nus/Native […]

Sandpit reveals ludicrous existence

I was out with my nephew today at the local playground. He digs a hole in the sand with his foot and says “how deep is this?” I say “I’m not sure, a few centimetres!” He digs some more and says “how deep is this?” I say “I guess a few centimetres more?” He digs […]

Blight Entertainment

It’s amazing who’s into techno these days.

Untrue on the 42

What is it about the night time that leaves us so exposed to music? I sometimes think that nothing else on earth can be as affecting as listening to a good record alone, at night, on a bus or driving in your car. Yet I’m never sure if it’s the records I listen to that […]