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“B1 is the one for me”

You all probably know what “feedback” means in techno. In 1745 British traders travelling through what is now Berlin used the term when exchanging a harpsichord for several bags of salt, and it has been embraced by Europeans ever since. They have added their continental flair to the term: eg “give us your feedbacks” has […]

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Socks Off

Ah the humble record store. What a joy it is to traverse its creaky floorboards. How the eyes widen as you step back once more into the analog age. How the mind expands as you inhale its dusty air, unlike your narrowing bronchial tubes. It’s almost like returning to the womb! Well, not really. I […]

Words and Sounds

Some of you may know of the Hamburg based distributor Word and Sound, who carry a huge portion of the labels I discuss here or play on the radio show. And some of you may also have been familiar with their small digital store Playwas (now defunct, so I won’t link to it). Well, after […]

The Visible Tumor of the Dying Record Store

The above photo, from Freebird Records in Dublin, was posted up on the Bodytonic Forums yesterday. You have to laugh really. As someone who worked in a record store for 2 and a half years, this sort of casual dislike for ignorant customers isn’t alien to me, but I like to think I never actually […]