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Resident Advisor-2008 in Review

Click here to read myself, Philip Sherburne and Peter Chambers discussing 2008. We basically emailed the pieces to each other and RA published the results. This article is long but there are quite a lot of points covered and a sense of debate at times. Hope you enjoy.

RA Reviews

I’m uploading the first guest mix in a long time right now, but in the meantime check out some RA reviews I’ve done, of singles from the recently unmasked Arto Mwambé, Jens Zimmermann, and Langenberg.

First things first

Last week Jeremy Armitage and Tami Fenwick resigned as editors of Resident Advisor, on what was a sad day for the site. You may read RA regularly without ever having heard of J and T. Equally you may have only barely noticed the slow but very steady improvement in the quality of the writing at […]

More RA Reviews-Masomenos and Monsterrecs

French label Masomenos’s “Le Poulet” EP, their first release. And Monsterrecs debut EP which I blogged about before here.

RA Reviews-Garnier and Buttrich

Garnier Buttrich

Review Review

This is probably the most comments I’ve ever got for a single review on RA. Not that that says a great deal: I always find it a really cheap idea when someone says that causing a reaction means a piece of writing or a piece of art is a success. Afterall, if you wrote a […]

RA Single Reviews

Here and here, of Fabrice Lig on Versatile and Rhadoo on Cadenza. More to come very soon.

Some Opinions

Check out my latest What People Play roundup, and some RA reviews here, here, here, here, and here. Feel free to disagree.

More, more, more.

Just two more that is. RA Reviews. Here and here.

This and That

Two more RA reviews here and here, and the latest What People Play roundup is here.