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Playhouse Classics Part 1

I am almost certain Beatport has recently added a lot of older Playhouse releases which it didn’t have before. Either that or I am wrong, which seems highly unlikely as this has never actually happened (apart from once in 1991, I incorrectly guessed a “Countdown conundrum”, suggesting an elaborate Irish swear word which was not […]

HIAF Guest Mix 12-Roman Flügel

So it’s a pleasure for me to host a mix from Roman Flügel, and it came as a surprise when he got back to me late last year to say he’d record one. It came as a bigger surprise when, a few months later, when I assumed he’d been too busy, he mailed me to […]

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2008 Revisited Briefly

I want to do a small chart of some records from 2008 I didn’t see in the end of year polls,. So here it is. I’ve been quite stringent with my picks. Expect a January 2009 chart of 10 quite soon, as it’s been a good month. 2008: 1. Melon-Nitzi (On My Mind So Fine) […]

“Ten Foot Forest Mix”-October 2008

I’ve been sitting on this for a week or so but now for no particular reason here is my first mix since July or so. It’s named the ten foot forest, because that’s where it was recorded, and because the above forest is a defining part of life for all who know its thickset branches. […]

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If you live away from where you grew up, you’ll probably have noticed how each time you go home it seems less like home. This is how Dublin feels for me. Everywhere is familiar, old places I worked, or bars or cafés, but you can’t escape the fact that you aren’t a part of the […]

The Weekend/Some Records

Anyone do anything worthwhile? I went to Innervisions at Fabric but I don’t remember much apart from “Orbitallife” circa 4.30am. It seemed a very good vibe in there but I’d “a lot of drink taken” so I left around 5.30am. Was anyone sentient enough to give a good account of the night? My evening ended […]

Recycling:1-Adam Beyer-Ignition Key (Speedy J Remix) (Truesoul)

In the spirit of the cultural necrophilia that has become so popular in house and techno circles of late, I’ve wanted to start posting some older music that I liked on release which I’ve started to hear out again. And also some I haven’t started to hear out again. I’ve noticed in the last year […]

Round One to Round Five 1993-1999 Main Street Records

So Jacob Burns put me onto this compilation of Basic Channel’s house offshoot from the 90s. He’s a “cat” who enjoys a good “jam”. (This is how we say a person likes a record in the current US house friendly climate) So for a young “cat” Jacob sure likes him some old “jams”, as you […]


I don’t know what it is, but certain sounds or instruments used in some records can really make you feel a certain way, or remember certain things. Of course that sounds quite vague, so I’ve picked out Vincenzo’s “Jack Ain’t Back” and Russ Gabriel’s Old School Remix of “L’Aurora” by Poppcke and Alex Niggemann. I’m […]

HIAF Guest Mix 7: Chaton (Plak:Switzerland)-The Lost Library

So straight out of Switzerland comes Chaton of Plak Records, with a 90 minute mix of old and new house music. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while as I got my net connection in London sorted, but I’ve also been listening to it on the way in and out of work. Chaton […]

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