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HIAF Guest Mix 11-Anonym (Sushitech/Bloop)

  So who is the man behind the mask? Well I don’t actually know. But if you’ve heard Anonym’s music on Bloop or Sushitech you may be wondering the same thing. If you haven’t then this live set, recorded at Tresor, should be the right introduction. This set is called the “Huis Is A Feeling” […]

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HIAF Guest Mix 5: Federico Molinari and Vera (Oslo)

So this one won’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly, it’s Federico Molinari and his cohort Vera, from Oslo Records. Oslo is a label that excites me more than most right now, and I know others have been enjoying their stuff too. Federico and Vera recorded this mix for the […]

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Tracks of my Year

People are saying “it’s that time of year” incessantly, so I suppose it must be that time of year. What time of year? That time of year when it is time for the year to come to an end, and people mark this in various ways, eg saying “it’s that time of year” everytime they […]

Ricardo and Bernardo

This is an interesting little bootleg of an old Ricardo Villalobos track with New Order’s “Confusion”. Normally I can’t stand bootlegs but then this isn’t one of those “omg! missy elliott kinda sits over george michael for 3 bars” style mashups that were so prominent in 2002. It actually works extremely well, the whole thing […]

Meet him at the love parade

[youtube][/youtube] Romanian DJ and sometime Cocoon resident Raresh that is. How much fun does the above video look? Anyone know how many people were there? “I’m living in the wrong country” is by now a truism for anyone here in Dublin (or probably a host of other cities) who likes house or techno. Still, we […]

Return of the stopgap post

So posts have been a bit intermittent lately, I’ve been writing quite a bit and also keeping my other blog going as best I can.  So for now check out these two RA reviews, of a momentous release here and another worthwhile one here. Oh and I suddenly feel the need to point out that […]


It’s nice to see Prosumer has done the latest Resident Advisor Podcast, given he’s had a few cool releases over the years. I guess I first became familiar with him when he did vocals on Sebo K’s “Moved”, a single from early last year on Mobilee. He’s probably one of the best vocalists around at […]


If you’re one of the podcast subscribers or have listened to some of the recent radio shows or mixes around here (this one or this one in particular) you may have noticed I’ve been playing “Gualia” and “Manipulation” by an artist called Johnny D quite a bit. They’re both from a recent release on Federico […]

Cultural Amnesia

I found this recent article in the Guardian about the birth of rave in the UK really interesting. I guess now these names, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Johnny Walker, etc have become synonymous with so many bloated dance brands that you don’t really think of them as people who played a role in popular culture […]


Interesting post about Fabric 35 over at Ewan Pearson’s blog which yielded a little debate about the merits and demerits of mp3 blogs, after Ewan ended the post with the following disclaimer. “This information is for those of you who’ve decided that people who have chosen to make music for a living – rather than […]