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HIAF Guest Mix 13-Goldwill (Liebe*Detail/Was Not Was)

Hey all, hope everyone’s good. Been sitting on this mix for ages and due to work and a several technical glitches along the weary way it’s only now that I pass it on to y’all’all’a’y’all. (Download the mix) Some of you will know Goldwill (Ralf Schmidt and Henry Behring) from their “One Bill” single on […]

icon for podpress  Goldwill HIAF Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

WhatPeoplePlay Roundup

Go here to read a selection of stuf I’m enjoying from the WhatPeoplePlay MP3 store. Hope you are all well. A guest mix is coming soon.

My disappearance

Yo all, work has kept me busy of late to the point that typing in the evening is a tricky task, so posts will be sporadic for a while. I do have a guest mix which I’ll put up this week so keep your eyes (and your itunes) open for that. I’m probably going to […]

HIAF@Pygmalion June 13

Yo I’ll be back at the Pygmalion on South William Street in Dublin tomorrow night, June 13, from 22.00 to close, playing with Aidano. Come down if you’re about, it’s free in and I will shake hands with you for a fiver.

WhatPeoplePlay Roundup

Check out a roundup of some tracks I enjoy from the WhatPeoplePlay MP3 store here.

I need flatmates

And here is as good a place to advertise as any. I live in East London. Mail me for details. You could live in the dream factory where the webs of this very blog are spun. You’d also have a fairly large freezer.

Dreamer G-I’ve Got That Feeling

[youtube][/youtube] If you’re in need of a good finger wagging “oh no you didn’t” house track of a Thursday afternoon then just turn this up. I heard it on Jus Ed’s show from Roof FM, after being released first in 1992 it seems it’s been reissued. How can you not like this baudy house stuff? […]


Fuck, just a quick post as I fight the utter tedium of burning CDs, to point you towards some good listening material. Go here to check out some of Johan Agebjorn’s mixes and while you’re there check out Sally Shapiro’s new single, which sees her owning the holy motherfuck out of the twee italo market […]

On The Radio

I’ll be playing some records alongside Stephen Egri on his Phone radio show on PowerFM later on today. The show starts at 17.00GMT and goes for two hours. Go here to listen.

Akufen’s pube