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Phoenix’s “Tabloid” compilation for Kitsuné is something I’ve been listening to a lot lately and really enjoying. It’s not got anything to do with dance music particularly but is a really strong selection of rock and pop which will let you discover some acts you might not have heard before if you’re interested in that. […]

Broken Britain requires a donk

[youtube][/youtube] This “donk” thing has already been mentioned over at Blissblog. The techno connection through the Donk Boys has also been flagged up. I wonder have they heard this yet? I love that this record is so comfortably anti-establishment, so effortlessly vulgar. It must be gloriously offensive to the kind of self appointed connaisseurs who […]

How to synchronize five metronomes with two coke cans and a plank

[youtube][/youtube] Via RA

A favourite

[youtube][/youtube] For me this may be the best Chicago track. Still sounds like it has unchartered depths to it. (NB: I probably blogged about this at some point in this blog’s history as it’s an obsession of mine, but it bears repeating!)

Blind Test

Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony-Blind (Original Mix) [youtube][/youtube] Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony-Blind (Hercules Club Mix) [youtube]–BTA[/youtube] Hercules and Love Affair featuring Antony-Blind (Frankie Knuckles Mix) [youtube][/youtube] So there is lots and lots of chat about this. Let’s not use the word “hype”, since it means less and less each day. Which version, […]

Villalobos@Kristal Glam Club, Bucharest

[youtube][/youtube] Lots of videos of this about, this isn’t mine but is quite cool. Doesn’t capture the full extent of the night of course but is a good start.

Meet him at the love parade

[youtube][/youtube] Romanian DJ and sometime Cocoon resident Raresh that is. How much fun does the above video look? Anyone know how many people were there? “I’m living in the wrong country” is by now a truism for anyone here in Dublin (or probably a host of other cities) who likes house or techno. Still, we […]

Magic M

[youtube][/youtube] Cheers to JF for the tip off on this one, the track is “Magic M” by Lucio Aquilina. I have no idea when it’s out or if it’s coming out even. It is rather good though, and what a great video too, complete with Ricardo Villalobos goofing around and various hangers on looking a […]

Softer, Worse, Slower, Weaker

[youtube][/youtube] Daft Punk live, LA 1997. Can’t you just feel the 90s dripping from your screen as you watch this? It just looks so wild and unchained. Someone posted this on a forum this week and one response was simply “acid house!” which pretty much sums it up. [youtube][/youtube] Daft Punk live, Oxegen Festival, Ireland, […]

House music goldfish

[youtube][/youtube] I really like this clip of Dixon playing at Sonar despite the crappy sound quality. The tune is quite cool: from back in January it’s Stereotyp’s “Keepin Me” remixed by Fauna Flash. I didn’t hear this track at the time but it’s blowing me away right now. So deep and urgent. Check it out. […]