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Shooting fish in a baby

Let’s take some candy from this barrel, an article about the dance industry in the Guardian. Now obviously it’s easy sailing to make fun of broadsheet articles about dance music. I’d go even further and say it’s absolutely plain pickings! But one paragraph still stood out here, and in any case I’m not going to […]

“Tripping up disableds”

I notice the “tripping up disableds” line has been edited out of this piece. It originally said: And yes, we’re more than aware we’re not the first people to take the piss out of Richie Hawtin, and we know he’s an easy target. That just makes it more fun, like tripping up disableds. I found […]

“House Is A Feeling”

Michaelangelo Matos writes a nice account of the past and present of Chuck Roberts’ “My House” accapella, possibly the most well worn vocal in the history of house music. Obviously the lyric is where I got the title for this blog, except funnily enough I didn’t actually name this site. It was originally a group […]

Guardian blog post: “The strange lingering death of minimal techno”

This may not be worth commenting on but on the other hand so many people read the Guardian that it probably is. Although I think Tony Naylor’s heart is in the right place, the timeline for his revelations is about as barmy as you’d expect from a broadsheet techno piece. The above article could have […]

What People Play Roundup

  Here we go.


Please can all reviewers and everybody else consider the way they are using the word “hype” in their reviews and reactions to music? If you do I will too. When anyone writes a blog post praising a record, that’s hype. When anyone writes a comment on a message board praising a record, that’s hype. When […]

Steffi RA Podcast

Confession time: 1. I shamefully never really download the Resident Advisor podcast unless it’s something that I’m sure I’ll like. I don’t know why, just overload of things to listen to as it is I guess. 2. I once pretended to be a 9/11 survivor “to get chicks”. Okay so only one of the above […]

Empty (or not?)

The latest “Month In Techno” column by Phil Sherburne makes for gloomy reading. I’ve felt a bit this way lately but I held off writing a blog post about it because I figured it was a personal mood, not the wider mood in techno. As regards writing I’ve wondered about what’s the point for ages, […]

Review Review

This is probably the most comments I’ve ever got for a single review on RA. Not that that says a great deal: I always find it a really cheap idea when someone says that causing a reaction means a piece of writing or a piece of art is a success. Afterall, if you wrote a […]

What People Play Roundup

Go here to read the first WhatPeoplePlay roundup I’ve done in a few months. Should be back to regular roundups now